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iCook Picspam Part 2

Did we all have a nice commercial break? I know I did! I went off to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. Don't hate! It's delicious. Time for Part Two of my utterly ridiculously overcapped epic iCook Picspam!

We start off easy, with a delightful HD cap of Ridgeway. Can I please get some fanart of the 3 iCarly kids sitting on the front steps of Ridgeway? Sam can be stealing Freddie's homework, Carly can be frantically studying and putting on lipgloss at the same time, Miss Briggs can be looking on disapprovingly. Get on it, fanartists!

Oh goddamn, Freddie's looking good today. Stop being a pedo, self! X|

Freddie heroically rescues Sam from her smoking and highly dangerous locker. (This is not out of any sense of chivalry. It's just that Carly would be really upset with him if she found out he let their pet psychopath fry.)

Freddie!brow. :D

"The smoke is coming from my... Gary Coleman Grill!"
Sam's locker is so dang wacky. Who the heck installs a pull-cord light in their locker, specifically to illuminate a portable grill?? Ah, delightful.

Freddie looks appropriately disbelieving and extra hot. We learn that Sam has eaten raw meat and gotten parasites from it! So there's that, plus the time she licked a swingset, and the time she puked from Missy's rancid chocolates... we finally know how Sam keeps so thin! She's accidentally bulimic! D: Oh noes!

I'm gonna be totally straight with you guys. I couldn't care less what Carly is saying. I took these caps because Freddie is looking really, really cute in them. It's the hair. And the eyebrows. And the shirt. And the Freddie-ness.

"He's not doing Food Fight anymore?!"
"He's not doing anything anymore!"

"What?! Why!?"
"What?! Why!?"

And now it is time for the Simultaneous Seddie Slap Scene.

:D :D :D :D :D
Why do they do this when they've jinxed each other?? I don't know, but I *do* know that it is AWESOME, and that I will probably write a fic about it, and that I love how Sam kinda breaks the 4th wall by accident, and how they just pretend like it never happened.
:D :D :D :D :D

Carly takes a moment to process what just happened. She totally thinking "how did Freddie slap her back without ending up stuffed inside a locker??"

Carly explains, after a moment's pause. "Ricky's so depressed that he lost to us, he says that he's giving up cooking forever."
"'snot our fault Ricky went psycho,"
Sam objects.
"Yeah but, come on, the least we can do is go talk to the guy." Freddie says, leaning nonchalantly against the lockers.
Sam arches an eyebrow, and calmly points out, "No, the least we can do is nothing."

See? I should totally get a job writing novel versions of iCarly episodes.

I LOLed like crazy at Sam stabbing her steak double-fisted like that.

"Y'know, there are more important things to life than free meat."
"Yeah... not really."

Sidenote: Carly's outfit is really fun today!

Apparently, Ricky Flame is local, the nice hostess/show producer lady has the keys to his place, and she's cool with leaving the kids alone with him in his...compromised state. I like her even more!

I like how super-masculine the decor of his bedroom is. It just screams "I AM A MANLY MAN WHO COOKS MANLY THINGS!" It kind of feels like a design-show decorating job. :P

Also, I know some people are totally into Freddie's brown jacket in the last scene of this episode, but I dunno, his jacket here... does things for me.

HAHAHHAHAA, Carly got whapped in the face with a pillow. "Unnecessary!"
Animated gif, please?

Freddie calmly suggests that Sam try to get Ricky out of bed the same way she does her mom.

"Get up ya lazy blob! There's a cop at the door and he's got a WARRANT!"
Good god, Sam's mom is the worst parent on a Nick show... ever.

Sam's attempt fails, we get a cute Creddie screencap with no personal space, and they haul him up into a sitting position.

So, I suffer from periodic depression, wherein I go all bed-bound and hermit-like and have, on occasion, gotten tissues stuck to my face. But I've never, in all my years of dealing with this crap, looks as pitiful and downtrodden as Ricky does in these caps, nor have I had a tissue so stuck to my face that it takes *two* flicks. He is the epitome of CRY MOAR.(Also check out Sam's face in that last cap. Wtf is she doing??)

"You just need to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air," suggests ever-chipper Carly. She pulls back the heavy curtains, to reveal Seattle in all its sodden glory, lighting crackling over the wet rooftops. "Oh Seattle."

See? Told you. Today's theme is "WE LIVE IN SEATTLE, TOTALLY NOT HOLLYWOOD."

I made this cap just for icons. I love the geometric pattern of those curtains, they are beautiful! I want them!

See? The fist thing.

Okay Carly does it too.

Sam is all *one two airpunch* and it's super cute.

"Come on now, take the knife. Everybody loves a big sharp knife! Yay! There we go! Wooooo!"
:D :D :D How many kids does it take to chop a Japanese cucumber? (I don't have a punchline, feel free to supply your own.)

Oh look! Somebody finally got him a bowl to cry in!

Meanwhile, Spencer is still at the Groovy Smoothie. Okay, so, we can assume that Spencer has spent every hour that the store is open, waiting for nug-nug. We can also assume that it has been at LEAST a couple of days since the kids beat Ricky Flame. (I didn't point out before, but Spencer let a television crew show up at his house and film the kids, unsupervised. ...Okay...) So basically, Spencer has been neglecting any current art jobs he has, as well as his own beloved baby sister, because of his vision. It'd better be worth it! (It is.)

It's closing time. We are made to feel great disappointment on Spencer's behalf. We know this because the audience goes "aaaaawwww." I wish they hadn't.

But wait! Nug-nug shows up! A classic "will they, won't they" scene ensues. I like that the night shift dude is appropriately skinny-nerd looking, so you believe that he would be super psyched to see Nug-nug.

"It's so weird!"
"I have this weird feeling, like, I'm sposed to... *hug* somebody."
"Hey Nugs, you were at that convention for too long."

Having attended many a nerd-con, it's true. Once you're around a bunch of freely hugging nerds, you start to lose a certain sense of personal space. This is why, after Penny Arcade Expo, I got extremely sick with Swine Flu. aergonaut, who doesn't like strangers touching him and considers human beings to all be walking germ-bags, attended the same convention and came out perfectly healthy. Obviously, I should have sneezed all over him.
*end tangent*

Omg, Spencer's back and his hair is really pretty and he looks so sad! Awww, and then he leaves! Oh no, you think!

But it's okay! As with this scene in any other sitcom in TV history, he comes back in at the last second:

And a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming ensues!



Hooray! Neglecting my family was totally worth it!

(Presumably) the next morning, Freddie shows up at the door and belittles Carly's PJs. D: :D

Then he insults her hair! What the heck, Fredrickson?!?!? I'm sorry, Freddie, but *some* people, unlike yourself, don't wake up with perfectly coifed, floofy, soft hair that you just want to run your fingers through and I-um... what was I saying?
Freddie's mean. Sam slapped it into him. I like it.

Carly can shut up about not being "all dolled up". She totally has makeup on, AND her PJs are adorable, and her hair looks better than mine does after a visit to the salon.


So, Ricky Lame looks terrifying on a webcam, and invites "my iCarly friends" to watch him be a winner at a mysterious athletics club that very noontime. Right away I was thinking to myself "oh god, this can't be good." I mean, the pace of this episode was so fast, I was expecting it to be over at the commercial break, when they won the taco food fight! How was this going to be resolved? iCarly almost never actually *deals* with the episodic characters' run-ins with the iCarly crew. (This is one of the main reasons I like this episode so much. I *despise* the cut-off endings.)

Oh yes. It's going to be resolved by wrestling small children. Oddly enough, this makes perfect sense to me. I've been watching iCarly for too long. I love how the kid on the left is trying to comfort the kid in the middle.

Oh my god, this is so wrong.

"Hoo chow!"
What *is* that??

The carefully selected multicultural parental bleachers do NOT approve.

Neither do the OT3. I love their posture.

Ricky explains that he's abusing the rules of the rec center to beat up little children. Awesome idea, Ricky! This cap should be 'shopped so it looks like the kids are reading illicit materials, obvy.

I *LOVE* this little kid. He's so scrumptious I just want to eat him up!

"Come on! This is ridiculous!"
Okay, Ricky was a douche before, but after humiliating The Most Adorable Little Wrestler, I want him to get an ass-whupping.

Instead, he pins Carly. Thank GOD he's wearing shorts over his wrestling singlet, you know?
"You're so weird!"
"No one can extinguish... THE FLAAAAME!"

Dude. Shave.

Ringleader of the Evil League of Evil Teenagers on the Evil Web, Carly Shay, tires of suffering indignity and sics her pet psychopath, Sam, on her intended target. Freddie approves.

This was a much more entertaining beatdown to watch than when Sam kicked Jocelyn's boulder-like butt. For one thing, it appears to all be Jennette and not a stunt double. For another, it's totally more deserving. By this point I was like "GET HIM, SAM!"

So were the parents. :D Yay! Let's support violence!

I know nothing about wrestling. Is this even legal?

Don't you love how completely nonplussed Carly and Freddie are while they watch Sam wrestle a full-grown man?

"Hah! You lost!"
"Eat it, Flame!"

And then they high-five. Hooray! I like to belittle adults when their fragile self-esteem has been shattered! I'm learning good lessons about morality from my favorite show, iCarly! :D


I see you've been working on your totally badass pose, iCarly team. Freddie looks so damn smug. And Carly's just like "Yeah, that's how we roll, whatevs."

Thanks Dan! You finally made another good episode! HOORAY!

Oh, yes, and of course, we get to see more fingers go into Freddie's assorted orifices. No personal space for you!

Thanks for reading my picspam. Thoughts?
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  • I'm making a post!

    In case we're gonna Do This Thing. This entry was originally posted at http://mizufae.dreamwidth.org/709192.html. Please comment there using…


    Hi! I never use my LJ for posting anymore. I use it as an account to comment on things in other places. Feel free to friend me, but it's not going to…

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