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iCook Picspam Part 1

Hello and welcome to Part One of my picspam for iCook! I made TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN SCREENCAPS. I hope you're happy. Part of the reason I did this was that this is the first episode I'm capping in ~*~glorious HD~*~, and I just can't get over the crispness of everything. Another part of why I OD'd on capping is that this episode is one of TWO episodes of iCarly I've ever rated a 10. (The other is iPie. I don't know what it is about food themed episodes but apparently they are SOLID GOLD.) Yes, even the beloved iKiss, the episode Dan sent in to the Emmys, I rate only a 9.5. Anyway, iCook was brilliant. I sincerely hope that you use these caps for any and all non-profit purposes, and leave me comments with your thoughts, so that the hours of my life I've spent doing all of this won't have gone entirely to waste.

As always, to view the images fullsized, just right click and select "view image" or click and drag the image to your address bar.

On with the show!

We start with Freddie looking cute in some kind of bumblebee themed hoodie. An auspicious beginning.

The iCarly logo swirls onto screen and then disperses into a frillion sparkly dots! Neato!

"The webshow watched by smart people-"
"And idiots! You know which one you are."

One of the contributing factors to why this episode was so good is that the iCarly portion of the show actually seemed like a video I would actively enjoy on youtube. Also look at that HD! look at iiiit! Anyway I *don't* know which one I am. Of course I'm smart, but then again, I spent all day capping this thing, so I'm probably more on the idiot side.

Who makes all these titles? I know some dude in Schneider's Bakery graphics department does it, but in iCarly-world, who does? Freddie? I like to think that it is Sam, budding artist that she is.

Okay but this was still just kinda weird. I like how Jo-Jo is in a cute green room with a painting of a tree and grass on the walls. The apple juice is great, it's like he's got a glass of whiskey on the rocks in his hand. And that thing on the table is an ashtray. Somebody photoshop out the apple juice bottle and stick in a crystal decanter. We all know that was the original intention. ^_^

Look at how pretty Sam is!

Though, okay, she can be a little cross-eyed. >_>

Here is one over-arching theme of the episode: Sam, Carly, and Freddie no longer have any personal space. Keep this in mind.

I don't know why I capped this. It was just so... HD! Sam's got a cute face happening, I suppose. Oh man, I'm a cap addict.

Hahaha, their faces. See? If iCarly were like this all the time, I would so favorite and 5-star it on youtube.

Mwuahahahaha! This was entirely uncalled for! Except... It WAS called for. Why do I believe that this was scripted (duh it was scripted, but I mean by the kids, for the show within a show)? Because when you see the studio after the wet-willy interlude, Carly's got this huge stainless steel table out that wasn't there before! It was a SEGUE!

This is a rather unfortunate camera angle for you, Freddie.

"I know. Why'd you cap it, Sarah?"
Because I'm OBSESSED. @_@

I love the little punching motion Sam does here. All the actors on this show have little character mannerisms. Freddie does this nervous hand-rubbing thing, Carly does this head swinging thing (which is difficult to cap), and Sam, at least recently, seems to quite often do kicking punching fighty-type motions. Appropriate, no?

Excellent spaghetti font, Schneider's Bakery graphics department! Please 'shop all sorts of strange titles onto this cap.

Oh my god. Jennette and Miranda aren't girls. THEY ARE MUPPETS.

Freddie is amused by their girl antics! Sam *really* likes red sauce.

This is what Sam looks like when she's acting "guilty". She never looks like this when she's actually guilty, as it is an emotion entirely foreign to her experience. To look like this, she studied photographs of Freddie covered in mud, being berated by his mother.

And now it's time for a terrible pun!:

Another one of tonight's themes: Apparently we're now being beat over the head with the "fact" that they're in SEATTLE. Look! The Space Needle! Oh my gawd, I can smell the evergreens already! (note: since my last picspam, I've moved across the country, from Boston to Seattle. Now that I'm here, you know what? It's pretty iCarly-ish. People here are *weird*.)

This is my favorite frame of the new opening. I wonder why. :P

The jumble of electrical components and pieces of random devices attached to Sam's locker make my head hurt.

Awww, poor Douglass. Sam's mom must be really, really hot.

Somebody's feeling punchy!

So, apparently, Sam has installed a dangerous security system in her locker. She also just happens to have a knackwurst on a string tied to a wooden stick to test it out. Carly finds this... alarming.

Carly is the only one. Look how gleeful Sam is!

Omnomnom. Did they wrap the sausage in nori or something to make it all black around the outside??

Freddie is completely unsurprised about the sausage situation. He's *also* not wearing a collared shirt. Oh Freddie, have you purchased a one way ticket to Badboytown?? I daresay you have.

Carly heroically saves Freddie from a terrible fate, and then tells Sam a lesson to live by: "We do not electrocute friends."
You see, one other theme of this episode? Sam is a violent psychopath with a complete lack of boundaries or social niceties. Carly and Freddie keep her around as a bodyguard and a warning to any of their potential enemies.

Jerry Trainor obviously missed his calling as an action star.

Spencer also seems to know about Sam's dubious knackwurst habits, and has gotten to school by hitching a ride with some dude who sells pens. What? What the what? Oh, Spencer.

The astute amongst us will notice that Sam takes a *purple* pen and Freddie takes a *green* pen. Carly looks adorable in the middle, completely oblivious to the fact that there is batshitinsane Seddie shippery happening right under her nose.

Spencer's so cute. He tells the news about getting onto Food TV to Sam first, because she's obviously the one who will care the most. And then he does adorable things with Freddie, and *then*, when Carly interjects that it is his recipe for spaghetti tacos (shut up Carls), he's all "Nah, the important thing is, this'll be great for iCarly" Awwwwww, he's such a good big brother.

Which is why it sucks when he gets horribly electrocuted, and Sam looks amused. This was violent, even for iCarly! Spencer's writhing around on the ground like a dying fish totally made me laugh, though. I feel shame!

Luckily, it's actually treated fairly seriously. Carly and Freddie, it seems, get to skip out on school and take care of Spencer.

Sam apparently feels bad for hurting Spencer so badly. (I reserve my doubts!) But Spencer says it's okay because experienced something "incredible!" (And Freddie gives a delightful eyebrow. Creddie icons, anyone?)

"What, not dying?"
Oh Freddie, you speak the truest of words.

"Well that, and, I had a vision. Of the *future*."
Carly is... not amused.

"How do you know it was the future?"
"Cuz it hasn't happened yet? Dur??"

Spencer had better appreciate the fact that he's a fictional character so his logic makes sense. I'm sure if someone told him this in the show, he'd nod his head in agreement.

Okay now have a bunch of Creddie-tastic screencaps!

Fingerquotes! Excellent for icons.

Along with action flicks, Spencer should also do Shakespeare.

Coordinated Creddie Crossed Arms! (dang arms, not starting with a C.)

Spencer says he saw himself and Nug-nug in the groovysmoothie, hugging.
A part of me wonders, I know that Dan was writing this script right when he first found the fandom online. He and I were talking very regularly the whole time he was writing this script, and I was showing him a lot about the GS and the members of the iCarly fandom and all that. I wonder if the fact that this part of the plot takes place at the Groovy Smoothie has anything to do with that? Probably not, but a girl can postulate.

Carly threatens to call Dr. Quamstein. Kwamstein? Quanstein? Can't tell. Either way, the mere suggestion scares the crap outta Spencer so this doctor is obviously a "special" one.

Freddie and Carly watch him go. They appear unwilling to go after a man who is badly wounded, still in his robe and slippers, chasing after a mad vision, who cares for both of them dearly. Carly and Freddie are secretly evil. They also have the whole rest of the day to do as they please. Do the math. (They obviously spend the day knitting hats for cold babies and visiting shelter animals.)

Okay, time for the iCarly kids to be OMGWTFBBQADORABLE. Seriously they are all so dang cute here I nearly died.

The host lady *really* looks like someone who would host a Food TV show, don't you think? It's probably the haircut. I like her! She's a non-jerky adult character, which are few and far between in iCarly-land. Look how cute the kids are! Their posture is adorbs!

Obsessive note: look at the "this is camera footage" frame. Notice how it's different from the iCarly camera footage frame? The position battery indicator and the *REC are switched, there's an extra thingy on the bottom right, and an extra frame around the outside! I absolutely love that they add details like this. Most people will never notice it, but it's absolutely there to subconsciously remind the viewer that they are watching footage shot by people other than Freddie. Good job!

The camera and sound dudes. Are they real iCarly crew members?? Or actors? I want to know!

CUTE! SO CUTE! "I'm Freddie Benson!"
OMG. I kind of died. Freddie is obviously pretty comfortable in front of his own camera, but he's still a huge nub when he's on someone else's show. AWESOME. And the way the girls just sort of block him and shove him back is a super cute bit of nonverbal communication. At least Freddie has the wherewithal to look embarrassed about it.

Oh shit! It's Ricky Flame, an obvious Bobby Flay ripoff! Watch out! He's a douche!

The acting of the three kids has improved enormously. This is probably my favorite cap of the whole episode! You can tell that they're *acting* surprised. (Later in the episode, they actually *are* surprised. The difference is really clear and I have to give them HUGE kudos.) Seriously dudes, look at Carly's face. XD XD

"No way!"

cuteness... getting... unbearable...

Ooh, free steaks!

"Wait. Your definition of a year's supply, or my definition?"
"She takes her meat very seriously."
"Ooooh yes."

Thank you, Sam, for cutting the cuteness and replacing it with awesome.
It's now time to discuss the cute clothes! Look how coordinated they are! Carly's in horizontal stripes, Freddie's in vertical, Sam's in this cute graphic print tee "Love Peace Always" (how ironic for her!) and the colors! It's a sort of warm magenta, salmon, orange combo with a dark grey neutral to balance, and they look AWESOME together.

Meanwhile, at the Groovy Smoothie, cute old ladies have invaded.

I took a bunch of caps of T-Bo because he's thatjamiegirl's representational character in 5_4_3_2. :)

Spencer is ALSO a muppet.

"Now buy a smoothie, or GET OUT!"
Is T-Bo the shift-manager?? Who gave the picklestick guy a promotion??

Meanwhile, a BATTLE RAGES! Carly is spying! That's such bad form, Carls! I thought you watched Food TV; don't you know these things?

"Ricky's tacos look better than ours!"
"Yeah, his plating is exquisite."

I am convinced that despite her totally nonjudgmental attitude towards food and the consumption thereof, Sam is secretly a food savant. Stick her in a professional kitchen and I bet she'd make Jefferey Steingarten swoon.

Is Carly even doing any of the cooking?? Or is she "supervising"? ^_^;

Ah, there she goes. "Peruvian puff peppers!" When I first saw this episode, I wasn't paying too much attention, and I thought they were sprinkling *gummy bears* on their tacos. I figured it was kind of appropriate, given the Shay apartment's decor. I didn't ever watch too much Drake & Josh, but even I got this reference upon a second viewing.

I like Judge Marla's outfit! :D

What the hell is Carly doing? She brings the plate to the table like she's some sort of fancy dancing waiter. It's quite odd.

The serving platters are *gorgeous*. I want them so bad! Also, super nice touch, the colors of the platters absolutely coordinate with the colors of the clothes each "team" is wearing!

Ew, bandaid. I mean, flavor-patch! Wut?? (Hostess lady looks appropriately disgusted.)

Meanwhile, Spencer has to pee, Spencer has pretty hair, Spencer makes an old lady (part of the previous old lady invasion no doubt) think he's crazy, Spencer gets whacked with a giant umbrella (see? SEATTLE SEATTLE SEATTLE), Spencer yells at the old lady in an extremely geeky way ("I hope you get space-jacked by a phalanx of red skynauts!"), and Spencer gets called a "nerd."

Yeah, I don't really know, either.

Judge Marla eats her tacos with a fork. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, MARLA.

"I told you we should have layered our flavors more precisely!"
Yes, Carly, you did an excellent job supervising your minions while they layered flavors.

But hooray, the 2nd judge, Judge Phillipe, votes for them!

Judge Marla is momentarily put off by Carly's enthusiasm, but goes on to give a dorky speech. "Y'know, everyone here today should feel proud of their tacos." Yes, Marla, I'm always proud of mine!

Awwww, look how cute bashful!Freddie is!

We are reminded that Ricky is a douche. Check out the sweet "Ricky Flame" nametag embroidery on his chef's coat! I like how the red writing and the yellow flame design mix together. Oh, delicious production details. Somebody tell me again why I didn't go to film school for production? I'm obviously in the "idiot" portion of iCarly viewers.

Marla votes for iCarly! Awwwwwww group hug! Awwww, lack of personal space! AAAWWWWWWWW This episode has so many hugs in it!

Freddie and Carly proceed to dance extremely dorkishly in the background, while Sam channels her inner kangaroo. It's adorable. Again.
"Congratulations guys!"

Oh Freddie. Why do you speak Spanish words when excited? Will this ever be answered??

Sam willingly hugs a stranger! A stranger who will provide her with a year's supply of steaks.

Judge Marla is also dancing in the background. This cap serves to remind me that Nathan Kress is *still* the same kid who bought a pie spy camera. Awwwww, ADORABLENESS OVERLOAD!

Meanwhile, Ricky LAME (see what I did there?) is shocked and appalled that he didn't win. Suckah, don't mess with the original! I bet your tacos had too much cilantro.

Somebody get him a bowl to cry in.

And that concludes Part one of the ridiculously epic iCook picspam!
Part two is here!



( 22 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 21st, 2009 01:28 pm (UTC)
they are muppets, hoshit imagine hamlet!spencer, yay bowl to cry in! in conclusion, awesome hd epic picspam of awesomenessis epic and hd.
Sep. 21st, 2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad you did this. I feel exhausted for you. I still haven't done part 2 of the iThink They Kissed picspam and I'm feeling very lazy about it.

Anyway, isn't the HD fun? It makes it so hard not to over-cap. The second cap from the "I'm Freddie Benson" moment could be turned into a pretty cute Seddie icon.

Also, am I the only one who thought that the host lady was wearing a hideous top? The colors were just.....wrong. Oh and anyone else notice how Sam seems to have converted to jeans and pants in season 2? I mean, she's worn jeans before, but not very often.

bet your tacos had too much cilantro.

No, no, no! They had too much coriander.

When I first moved to LA and went grocery shopping, I couldn't find the coriander and so I asked one of the employees and she was all "Huh? You want what, now?" and when I explained she was like "Oh! You mean cilantro!" and I was all "No. YOU mean coriander" and she was all "I hate people who don't speak American" and I was like "Grrrrr" and......yeah....

Sep. 21st, 2009 02:44 pm (UTC)

Sep. 21st, 2009 03:07 pm (UTC)
Nope. It's CORIANDER!!!

If you Google cilantro, it just takes you to the Wikipedia page for coriander anyway AND it was derived from the Latin word "coriandrum". That totally settles it. :P
Sep. 21st, 2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
omg your icon it's so awesomeeeeeeeee XD

Well cilantro it's something we use for almost every dish and considering the amount of latins living in LA i'm not surprised they call it cilantro.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 02:39 am (UTC)
Also, am I the only one who thought that the host lady was wearing a hideous top? The colors were just.....wrong. Oh and anyone else notice how Sam seems to have converted to jeans and pants in season 2? I mean, she's worn jeans before, but not very often.

You're not the only one! During ITTK, I was surprised to see the entire trio in jeans. Sam's my bermuda short/capri girl, so to see her in jeans was a change. But I like how we're seeing gradual changes in the wardrobe over the seasons.

It's also enforcing the whole "WE LIVE IN SEATTLE" idea. In the past, while the characters wore lots of layers on top, they'd regularly wear shorts or skirts. This season, it's almost like they're gearing up for winter. (Because, oh my God, in Seattle, it actually gets cold!)

Sep. 21st, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
freddie is pro cam,in this cap he's like: come on girls make out!
Sep. 21st, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
Am i the only Seddie shipper that didn't get the insanelybatshitty thing about purple and green pens?
I feel like a failure to Seddie shipping :(
Can someone explain pls!?
Sep. 21st, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
Well, the whole purple thing started when iMust Have Locker 239 aired. Remember Spencer's line to the art teacher about "making purple" by kissing? Well, that was when Seddie forum people started to notice that Sam and Freddie wear red and blue sometimes in their scenes together. The end of Locker 239 and in iKiss it was pink and blue which still makes a shade of purple and then the iTwins promo came out with Melanie in red and Freddie in blue and obviously no one was sure whether Melanie was real at the time so purple somehow became the "official" Seddie color.

It's all very silly and crazy, but still all in good fun.

Now, I have no idea about the green which makes ME feel like a failure at Seddie shipping.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Green was my original plan for a Seddie color. In my head Sam has always been *yellow* to me and Carly is always pink or red. Freddie is always blue or green. Cuz, and you'll think I'm extra cool-awesome because of this, Freddie is so the Blue Ranger, Carly is totally the Red Ranger, Spencer is the Green Ranger (gets his own plotlines, booyah) and Sam is kickass Yellow Ranger. Yeah, I'm that badass.

The whole purple thing happened while I was having a fandom sabbatical and I was like "wtf?" but I'm going along with it because purple is my favorite color! :)

Anyway yeah, remember the really pretty "Spring" theme on the Seddie fofo where one of the main colors was green? I guess people saw the pink and blue lettering and went "purple!". Oops.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
I agree with the little Power Ranger theory thing you've got going on, though i'd say Carly was the Pink Ranger, but i guess 'cos she's the show's main character she'd have to be the red ranger. And i have a totally logical theory as to how green can also be a Seddie colour - do u wanna hear? Ok, i'm gunna share anyway, 'cos i wanna: A lightish green is opposite a lightish purple on the colour wheel and since Sam and Freddie are opposites (which so attract) that works perfectly! I'm so proud i came up with that :D
Sep. 22nd, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
Aaaaahhhh!!! I get it! Now i feel stupid for not working it out haha.
Thanks for the explanation Luna301 :D
I guess greens still a mysetry *weird ghost noises*
Sep. 21st, 2009 06:25 pm (UTC)
Creddie icons, anyone?

Please. Your icons are always amazing. Do you think you could make some 'Mr and Mrs Benson' ones with their lack of personal space? I'd make them myself but I don't have the right program or any kind of skillage whatsoever. :S

This is an awesome picspam. I really enjoyed reading (?) it. XD

Does anyone think it would be too late to do an iMake Sam Girlier picspam?

Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)
I shan't make Creddie icons until the Creddie portion of the fandom untwists their knickers.

I know it's really only like, one or two people, but until they stop being like "oh, woe is me, I do not ship the majority ship on the show, I am DOWNTRODDEN! ABOOHOOHOOHOO~" the world gets to not be graced with any Creddie icons I might make.

Just like, until the highly vocal minority of Spam shippers started making me feel less like a bad guy for believing what I believe and enjoying the show in my own way, I refused to make any Spam icons or make Spam-oriented comments or fic.

It's how I get my point across without directly confronting the people who piss me off. It's quite sneaky, I know.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 06:03 pm (UTC)
'It's how I get my point across without directly confronting the people who piss me off. It's quite sneaky, I know.' - That cracked me up! I guess it's better than going off on one :D
Sep. 21st, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
I missed this episode. I was going to just catch it on tv until you said you rated it a 10. Mind changed: I think I'll read this AS I WATCH IT. ohohoho

Sam, Carly, and Freddie no longer have any personal space.
Doesn't it eventually get this way in every Schneiderverse show? People end up flailing around and climbing all over each other.

Jojo. The way he moves really freaks me out.

"I know. Why'd you cap it, Sarah?"
Because I'm OBSESSED. @_@


New opening! I'm not sure if I like it... The clip of Sam in the red dress throwing her hands up really reminds me of Courtney Love.

Douglass has cords around his neck that disappear! Magic.

Omnomnom. Did they wrap the sausage in nori or something to make it all black around the outside??
ahahahahahaha the cap above this is Sam from hell. The knockwurst tasted so good her eyes rolled into the back of her head!

Freddie's sweater is adorable! It looks good tht way, too big.

(dang arms, not starting with a C.)

Okay, time for the iCarly kids to be OMGWTFBBQADORABLE.
Carly's boots were a no.

It's Ricky Flame, an obvious Bobby Flay ripoff! Watch out! He's a douche!
Just like the real Bobby Flay! :D

Why DON'T you watch much Drake and Josh?

What the hell is Carly doing? She brings the plate to the table like she's some sort of fancy dancing waiter. It's quite odd.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
Carly's boots were a no.

LOL! Oh man, I love all of her boots, always. They're the best part of her outfits. I'm totally imagining you as the gayest of the Fab 5 gay guys from Queer Eye. Dude, tucking the front half of your shirt in, just to show off your blinged-up belt buckle, is SO not cool anymore.

OH, and edit:

I don't watch much Drake & Josh because it's suckish. Omg I know wtf right? But seriously, compared to iCarly, it's hit or miss for me. It's not NEARLY as funny, the comedy is FAR less sophisticated, the clothes are way too simple and uninteresting, the sets and the side characters are way less weird and funky... Basically, if iCarly is D&J's spiritual successor, it's D&J's funnier, faster, better, stronger, cooler descendant.

Also, and I know I'll get lynched for this, I don't care for Josh. Regardless of skinniness or fatness, he's always just been kind of ugly to me. OMG, going to hell now!

Edited at 2009-09-22 01:06 am (UTC)
Sep. 22nd, 2009 06:54 am (UTC)
laaawl! So I guess when they guest star on iCarly you'll be all "meh"? You'll be the only one!
Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:30 am (UTC)
First of all...thank you, thank you, thank you for capping this episode! Your amazing picspams are the reason I found and started creeping on your livejournal in the first place. Then I realized you were just all-around amazing. But in the beginning, it twas the picspams that got me hooked. And...HD!!!

"I like to think that it is Sam, budding artist that she is." Oh yeah, I almost forgot about her beautiful tiger picture.

"Awww, poor Douglass. Sam's mom must be really, really hot." If you've ever seen My Name is Earl, I imagine Sam's mom to look/act like Joy. If you haven't seen it, then ignore this comment.

"Oh Freddie, have you purchased a one way ticket to Badboytown??" He purchased a ticket, but it was torn up once they realized he was wearing an argyle hoodie.

" They obviously spend the day knitting hats for cold babies" Babies who drink whiskey on the rocks.

Looking at these caps, I'm really seeing what you mean about the trio no longer have any personal space bubbles.

"who gave the picklestick guy a promotion??" This is really just one of those important life questions.

I second your theory that Sam is secretly an amazing cook.

"Ricky LAME (see what I did there?)" Woah. You're sneaky.

Uh...sorry this is long.
Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:08 am (UTC)
Talking about how coordinated their outfits are...I shall carry it further! Oh, yes. Because I have that much time on my hands...They not only coordinate well with each other, but the room they are in, AND look at the colors in the iCarly studio (especially the rug behind Freddie) and compare it to the Groovy Smoothie in the next cap!

Actually...Spencer is wearing the same color scheme as Sam. The old lady in the back is the same as Freddie. There's some random person in the middle of both shots (they are all facing the opposite direction in each cap). You have the little crosswalk guy that's kind of the same shape as the lava lamp over the left shoulder in both, and T-Bo's hat and sleeve are almost the same color as the window on the opposite side of the iCarly studio.
There's also a doorway in the center of each frame, (doorway, alcove, whatever, the point is its framed in the middle).

I'm sure this was all unintentional, but I thought it was funny you'd use these frames together with the caption "Meanwhile, at the Groovie Smoothie...". I mean, you did draw my attention to it.

The only thing that could have been better, was trashtalk from Sam. Although that might have swayed the judges from thinking their cute "plucky" kids.

Has it been said yet? 3-way hug? CAMDIE!!!
Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:42 am (UTC)
So let's start off my thought process throughout this episode:

1) Totally thought of you during the "iCarly" logo effects. I'm all "Look at how it swirls on screen and bursts into confetti! Mizu will like this."

2) Sam also has my bangs in this episode, but they're much more magical.

3)JoJo looks like he could be the spokesperson of a bizarre Bud Light ad. I'm not the only one right?

4) Freddie made some of the oddest faces during this episode. I loved it, but he had some creepy!sexy!looks going on.

5) Sam was adorable in this episode. Loved her fake "guilty" look. (Also, Carly is really sporting a model pose in that cap. I'm thinking icon.)

6) I also want more "Word from our Spencer" moments. It felt very late night TV.

7) I still don't know how Freddie got out of the apartment wearing that ensemble. Mrs. B wouldn't approve.

8) Still would love to know how Carly/Freddie got out of school to take Spencer home. And might I add that I see lots of Creddie icon opportunities in that scene. (And this is coming from a nonshipper.)

9) The instant Ricky Flame came on camera, I knew he would end up a creep. He made me feel dirty.

10) The kids are ADORABLE in this episode! It's ridiculous. And I loved Sam hugging the announcer. It's rare to see that side of Sam, and I loved it. Again, ADORABLE!

So, um, yeah. Carry on.
( 22 comments — Leave a comment )


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