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From Twitter 09-19-2009

  • 03:10:06: worst day ever, for no particular reason. fucking delightful.
  • 03:23:04: crossing fingers for iCook to be a solid epi like iGive Away a Car or iPie. + awesome clothes. (iTTK was oddly lacking in that department.)
  • 05:26:42: note to self: call parents to wish them happy new year.
  • 05:33:28: @aergonaut A bit derivative, don't you think? My DJ name is MC SMP. classy. simple. rhymes.
  • 06:09:12: PS: it's talk like a pirate day. happy jewish new yaaarrrr? *stabs self*
  • 17:06:56: hey #icarly people, come to aim chat fivefourthreetwo
  • 19:08:59: @danwarp used the word "ironically" incorrectly in his funfacts for icook. This shouldn't surprise me but it does annoy me. *slaps self*
  • 19:09:31: @LindsayLoFAN Spencer/Sasha Striker is my OTP. Nug-nug can gtfo! XD
  • 21:05:39: @diplobrat i like this one better http://bit.ly/V48WB

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