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From Twitter 09-16-2009

  • 02:12:20: to quote @bruindude92 aka my boo, Nathan: "I really didn't think 9 was that good. :/ Not bad, just not that good. Bummer! I was so excited"
  • 02:13:23: Also, Seattle remains awesome, just in case you guys weren't sure. It's soooo gorgeous.
  • 03:06:54: @aergonaut Lo, Nathan Kress speaks truth. The young one is wise. Waste your money dollars elsewhere.
  • 05:11:21: wrote 350 words of the next chapter of Cruise Control.
  • 06:04:22: the problem w/ my twitter being covered in strawberries is that it makes me wish i had strawberries all the time. troublesome.
  • 16:53:14: @twiggymcbones luckily no. Cruise Control is my iCarly epic fanfic that I burnt out on writing that garnered me hundreds avid of fans.
  • 16:53:54: @twiggymcbones mind you, that I *have* fans is extremely bizarre, still. And they are all mad that it's unfinished.
  • 17:19:26: @bruindude92 pics or it didn't happen.
  • 18:43:30: I think the time has come for me to maybe watch Buffy.

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