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From Twitter 09-14-2009

  • 00:27:11: the antidote to dickery at the VMAs : http://bit.ly/V7r9k
    Cutest. Video. Ever.
  • 00:32:57: did you know that I am an idiot for engaging with trolls on the internet? because i am! HOORAY. -_-;
  • 02:19:25: @Wilkin no the dancing is cuter. stfu
  • 05:25:46: kinda want to make a seddie banner + color scheme just to show those fools how it's done, and then be like "you cant have it lawl"
  • 05:26:06: or maybe join the creddie forum and make their fofo gorgeous XD
  • 05:50:59: aaand I just spent $40 on itunes to get iCarly Season 3 in HD instead of standard with is just $20. I'm gonna run out of HD space!
  • 07:27:18: @squishycool lol idk I think the more rabid Seddies might lynch me. I'd have to make a secret identity! :O
  • 11:05:42: @DanWarp I'm flipping out about the GLORIOUS HD, Dan. It's so crisp! I'll be counting eyelashes.
  • 11:26:43: gave my twitter page a delicious strawberry theme!
  • 21:02:29: @lazycheskie HD just means that the source images are much crisper and higher resolution. The image will resize to fit your screen.
  • 23:25:23: @uni0000 LJ is *full* of lurkers. It's all good. It's just nice to be able to comment when you want, and to add your membership to comms.

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