Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 09-13-2009

  • 04:24:47: omgawd, I drew more #icarly fanart: http://mizufae.livejournal.com/530737.html y so serious, carly?
  • 06:55:35: has finally reached level equilibrium on tetrisfriends, at level 13 "expert". this is not something to be proud of.
  • 17:02:10: @uni0000 wheeeeeeeeee one of us one of us
  • 17:24:33: didn't think it was possible but the seddie forum's new color scheme is even more hideous and unreadable than the last. gadzooks!
  • 18:19:08: @aergonaut it reminds me of the various bodily excretions i've been coughing up all week. seriously.
  • 20:56:12: @uni0000 i can try to help you but it is just something you have to click around and learn, mostly. Check out the FAQs, too, they are good!
  • 20:56:55: @DanWarp ouch! What did he do to make you tell people to do illegal things?
  • 21:42:07: @lazycheskie that's nice but not true. All you do is take a pic you like and pull colors from it!
  • 23:07:41: @jamiewatson woman I have moderater'd you up! Check yo' LJ inbox!
  • 23:10:19: @SkyeDestiny omg, that is beautiful. *wipes tear from eye*
  • 23:11:13: @uni0000 you should use airekuh's friending meme! she posted it in the comm.

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