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From Twitter 09-11-2009

  • 03:15:12: i just cut up like 8 cups of onions for french onion soup. it is going to be delicious, AND it helped clear out my sinuses.
  • 03:15:48: @aergonaut happy "maybe there is hope for a world united in a desire for peace" day!
  • 21:06:48: @Danwarp 's free-for all chat is HILARIOUS. and AWFUL. *sits back and watches the madness*
  • 21:52:33: Anybody in the #iCarly twittersphere, join AIM chat "fivefourthreetwo" for fun times! (RT if you wish)
  • 22:04:00: @diplobrat YES.
  • 23:42:37: @diplobrat if we go downtown we can use my freeeeeeeeeeeeee tickets courtesy of seth!

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