Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Exclamatory Statements!

My kitchen smells like butter and roasting onions!
My internet is on the fritz!
I am going to draw some totally epic slash fanart for my Back to School Challenge and it will surprise everybody (except people who read my LJ)!
I coughed up some really gooey mucus and it was like the 3rd most grossest thing to ever come out of my mouth!
Project Runway: Now on the Crying Channel is indescribably boring, but I love the Moduls show so much!
It is going to take 5 hours for me to make this french onion soup but I think it's gonna be worth it!
Ian brought me french fries from Wendy's tonight and I had forgotten how extremely delicious fast food fries are!
I'm secretly afraid that I'll never find a co-mod for 5_4_3_2 because anybody who ships something other than Seddie or NOTHING as their OTP will fail my "I think you're not an idiot" requirement! :O :O :O OMG I SAID IT OH NOES OH NOES (Jamie, uh... wanna co-mod?)
I have Jarlsberg cheese in my fridge and I wanna eat it but I am saving it for the soup!

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