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From Twitter 09-10-2009

  • 00:35:28: @twiggymcbones proflowers keeps sending me emails about your birthday. wtf. Do you want flowers for your birthday????
  • 02:34:25: @Wilkin how can you not have known this????
  • 03:43:55: I'm so afraid that in 10 years I'm going to turn into @buckhollywood but luckily i'd also have to be a gay man, first. *phew*
  • 05:01:32: @Wilkin OMFG i forgot about GLEE why didn't you REMIND me, you should CALL me and we should watch it while on the PHONE.
  • 05:56:43: I want to dress exactly like this guy when I grow up to be a gay man: http://tinyurl.com/l8evwd (not even kidding)
  • 15:52:54: @twiggymcbones I think about four years ago when I lost my wallet I signed up on proflowers to give the people who found it on the street~
  • 15:53:41: @twiggymcbones some TY flowers and i gave proflowers like 4 birthdays for a discount?? including yours! weeeeird
  • 20:14:36: @aergonaut what are you making the box out of??
  • 21:08:18: @aergonaut def. not worth it. get thee to an art supply store and get some Cold Press Board. boxcutter + paper tape for the seams.
  • 21:42:50: is it time for project runway yet? stupid west coast.
  • 23:31:12: quick! someone make a gif of that chick crying in front of the toilet on models of the runway! i need it like breathing!

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