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From Twitter 09-06-2009

  • 02:05:58: @Wilkin this means that my mind grapes were sensing something! I'm psychic! Squeeze my brain for the finest wines.
  • 15:09:37: didn't go to the last day of PAX. feel like total, utter, complete, crap. Not worth it. I'll meet Gabe & Tycho next year.
  • 16:57:04: i feel like less of a wuss about staying home from PAX, Ian just called, he's running a fever.
  • 19:42:05: wrote about 3500+ words on my #PAX weekend: http://mizufae.livejournal.com/527396.html
  • 19:54:13: glorious, I have a fever of 100.00 F.
  • 20:41:59: @uni0000 no, no, I *live* in Fremont. PAX is in the convention center downtown.
  • 21:48:21: @DanWarp if Jerry were a cupcake, what cupcake would he be?

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