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From Twitter 09-03-2009

  • 01:11:26: @aergonaut agreed. Slash fic ho!
  • 03:01:40: header for 5_4_3_2 is up. I kind of hate it, but the cupcakes are AWESOME. http://bit.ly/zuvmT
  • 05:36:37: oh shit, @ryanqnorth is wicked hot to me. too bad he's like twelve feet tall and prolly married, or I'd seduce him with my wiles. who knew!
  • 06:06:25: @aergonaut PISTACHIO. because Spencer is a NUT. (I am a genius)
  • 07:03:00: made 5_4_3_2's header mo' bettah. moar cupcake, less number.
  • 18:27:25: @sconepop i hope you're utilizing my piles of paint in this. I would hate to see it all go to waste.
  • 18:27:55: @uni0000 YES good job it IS Sam Freddie Carly & Spencer in that order.
  • 23:51:54: @lazycheskie me and @aergonaut are gonna say hi and likely do our own thangs, cuz he is SHY. SHY AS THE DAY IS LONG. WUSS.

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