Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 09-02-2009

  • 01:51:05: god, I can't wait till a year and a half from now when we roll around through vampires and past werewolves back to zombies. SO over wolves.
  • 05:21:24: @sconepop YOU CAN DO IT! You will be the best undead lady EVER.
  • 06:21:44: I have written over one thousand words of icarly fanfic tonight. MAYBE THERE IS HOPE.
  • 17:40:01: @ashleyjanne gotta finish it first. it's maybe 1/3rd done?
  • 22:21:39: @danwarp thanks SO MUCH for dealing w/ that BS head on. nice look on the blog, too. I hope you'll repost the good stuff from your LJ there?
  • 22:55:50: oh, Elvis Costello, thank you for giving me the strength not to lash out at idiots on the internet. bless you and your tunes.

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