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From Twitter 08-28-2009

  • 05:14:07: finally, good HP fic. one that predicted a big part of the 7th book YEARS before it was published. Astonishing. I've read it, years ago.
  • 06:13:37: the ravens are having a conversation outside my window. it's still very odd and dislocating for me. Yes, Sarah, you're in Seattle now.
  • 15:45:54: @uni0000 http://tinyurl.com/lcusuz DM/HP, smut, war, melancholy gays, london modeling scene, seeming OOCness, house elf theory, char death.
  • 20:07:08: is it worth $169 to go from OSX 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard + all that iLife shit I don't think I need??
  • 20:07:26: @otherben I'm looking at you to guide me in this, btw.
  • 20:55:17: @aergonaut it works with tiger? ORLY.

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