Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 08-27-2009

  • 01:58:19: @twiggymcbones wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FREEDOM (draw me pictures)
  • 02:04:57: no it's the episode of xfiles where mulder goes to LA and gets involved in gothy 90s vampires in pleather WHYYYYY~
  • 05:08:06: no, no, no. dear fanfic writers: if you use the word "orbs" to talk about eyes EVER AGAIN I will be sorely miffed at ALL of you.
  • 06:12:21: @diplobrat I'm going to write and publish a fantasy novel just so i can write fanfic for it, and win awards on the internet.
  • 08:26:25: RT @badmachinery I have designed tote bags for a man. It is up to you to force me to make them. http://bit.ly/gkmVe (I NEVER RT cept now)
  • 17:24:31: Colonel Potter was secretly a wizard! He fought in the muggle AND wizarding wars in europe! His wizarding cavalry experience was on a broom!
  • 17:25:21: Radar was secretly a wizard too! That's why he's got ESP, but he didn't know it! They assigned Col. Potter to M*A*S*H to keep an eye on him!
  • 17:25:52: This is what comes of madness.
  • 18:45:58: just got off the phone explaining basic twitter etiquette to my mom. the @ means i'm talking to someone, mom! :D

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