Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

More Old Scans

I scanned four more things tonight, all old stuff, from my last year of college.

This is something I call "Benjamin Franklin and the Atom Bomb" and you can prolly figure out why. I drew it during my History of the English Language class, which was in fact a really great class that I learned a lot in, so shortly after I hashed this one out, my notebook became full of honest to god notes. I really, REALLY like this one, inexplicably, even though i messed up a lot and there's a coffee stain on there.

This one has no name and it just an exercise in patterns. Maybe I'll call it "Drip"? I do recall that it took me only maybe three days to complete, which is a very short amount of time, comparatively.

It seems like I never finished this one, but I like the composition how it is. Somewhere after this "arrow" phase, I stopped really making these doodles. I sort of do them now, but they've changed, and they're never as good. :/

This is called "Anemone", and is a study I did for my final project that I miraculously manipulated into counting for EIGHT credit hours. (booyah) It's a detail of Persephone's headdress when she becomes Queen of the Underworld. It was one of the first things I drew for the project and something just screamed "STOP!" at me when I got to this point.

edit: ps I am kind of miffed that my other post of scans i dundid only got one comment, and it was a ridiculous one by my BFF. Like, I dont think I'm good at drawing, or visual art, really, the way I'm good at writing, or coloring other people's stuff, so scanning things and putting them out there is actually kind of nerve-wracking for me. I do NOT want lavish praise or limitless compliments... I just want to know if people have any reaction whatsoever to them. If it's good or bad or somewhere in between, or like "i dont get it, what is this supposed to be fanart of?" I'd like to know.

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