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From Twitter 08-22-2009

  • 11:52:11: @TimmyMojo Sweetie, you know I hate the army with all my soul, but I think it might just be MADE for you. Seriously. Your new name is Radar.
  • 11:52:50: @twiggymcbones GASP you don't know POLYVORE? http://www.polyvore.com virtual dressup collage! eeeee~
  • 11:55:20: @OneAndOnlyMaggo i didnt just discover it. I've been staying away from it for YEARS because I knew it would suck me in and never let go.
  • 13:29:56: @coollike tonight when I wash my face I will think of you and your acne song.
  • 17:55:03: somebody make a Big Bang Theory fanvideo to Daft Punk's "Human After All" STAT
  • 18:21:07: EEP i just noticed my IM has been open on my other computer for like three days, I missed like 30 IMs from tristyn. SORRY BABE
  • 20:33:55: @twiggymcbones nice burn!

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