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From Twitter 08-18-2009

  • 02:35:00: it's not my birthday anymore. I spent all evening cooking. Now I have to clean up! booooo.
  • 02:35:28: Also everyone go watch Eat Drink Man Woman because it's like my #5 favorite movie of all time.
  • 02:35:53: @falsemirror you twit too much.
  • 04:34:48: i gotta say it. All boys are going to hate me but I gotta say it. Felicia Day has a butterface. I SAID IT.
  • 21:32:40: i could eat a fresh peach. or i could eat my other cupcake. T_T
    I'm such a fatty, I know I'm gonna have the cupcake. :/

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Aug. 19th, 2009 11:30 am (UTC)
You could eat both. :D