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havent made a post in ages. Mostly because nothing's up. I'm slowly slowly slowly gearing back into iCarly stuff, oddly enough. We'll see how that shit goes down. The season 5 finale of House MD kind of killed me dead, also. I guess these past two months I've just been watching the HELL out of tv shows. How I Met Your Mother, Spaced, House, and then just this past week I've really been getting into the X-Files again. God, I love that damn show. But all the fic for it is ATROCIOUS. I know there's got to be some seriously quality stuff somewhere, but the fandom is so old that I just don't know where to go looking! I need some archaic fic awards site maybe? I bet 75% of it was demolished when geocities crumbled. *sniffs, pours out a cold one for the Geo*

Anyway, yeah, teevee. Oh, and John Hughes died, which made me go rent Some Kind of Wonderful, which I watched a bunch when I was 13 or so and basically screwed me over for life. THANKS JOHN HUGHES, FOR MAKING ME THINK THE ARTY BOY WOULD NOT BE GAY ALL ALONG. jeez. Bastard. Ah, memories.

I've been drawing, too. Lots of obsessive black and white pattern things, none of which are really all that good. It's my birthday on Monday! wheee~ blah. I'll be 25, ugh. I think the plan for my birthday is: do nothing. Rachel isn't in town and I don't have the money to do anything particularly awesome and I dont have any other friends and I do NOT want to spend the damn day doing some sort of forced fun activity just with Ian, blaaaaaaaaaah. I'm going to buy a pair of awesome shoes, and that's about it.

Also, Rachel took my Sims 3 and then didnt get it back to me and now I can't play it until she's back but I don't know when she'll be back! That whore.

Someone find me a repository of x-files fic that is GOOD and was written during the run of the show so it conveniently forgets the hell out of the last three seasons of the show (uuugh) and involves High Quality Spooky Banter. And..... stuff. I AM A GIANT NERD WHO DOESN'T READ BOOKS ANYMORE. THE END.


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Aug. 15th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
I hate looking for fic. I usually resort to trawling through 9274710 pages of archives to find one. Sometimes I find rec sites but they usually don't have the kind I want. :|

lolol iCarly. How was iFight? I was on vacation swimming in a lake until latelatelate and forgot.
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