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Jul. 27th, 2009

crispix, truly, you are the most delicious of cereals to eat straight out of the box.

so I bought a wristwatch! it's fancy. I'll show it to you sometime in the future. I like not chronicling my life with fast, badly composed snapshots of crap. For one thing, looking through a camera viewfinder all the time doesnt let me actually look at anything. And for another, taking pictures of things all the time is a completely unnecessary activity, like twittering or putting on makeup. Reporting everything via the ease of digital photography is just another way to contribute your own noise to the world and shout "I am here! I exist! I am socially acceptable!" Well, I don't really feel the urge to shout any of those things right now, because I haven't got a need to prove them, and writing the occasional thing on LJ serves me just fine at the moment for my "I exist!" desires.

The watch gives me phantom watch syndrome when I take it off, which I hate, but I guess I'll get used to it. Maybe.

Today I met a girl from the internet, Nina. She looks uncannily like the original Nina I knew in elementary, but apparently she is NOT Nina Morris and besides, she's about 5 years too young. We ate terrible greek food and traipsed around in the sun and sweated half to death at the fremont market and then she rode a bus for an hour home. I feel a bit guilty about not showing her a very good time, but I paid for lunch, so I say we came out evenses.

About a week ago I bought some middling to cheap watercolors and some paper and brushes. The techniques are slowly coming back to me, but unfortunately I haven't really got anything to paint. I learned how to paint realistic things with watercolor, but I don't have anything realistic I want to depict anymore. I'm better served in that case with photoshop or photography. I wish desperately for my high quality paints and my guache, but that's all STILL stuck in a truck somewhere that isn't Seattle. Apparently the truck is in Oregon but god knows when it will get here. God does, however, continue to approximate it at the 28th, but I have my doubts. Anyway, back to the watercolors, I'm trying a few ideas out with them, but I don't have the right materials for what I really want to do. If I manage to make something not eye-searing, I'll take pictures of it the same time as I take pictures of my watch, which has big swirly numbers on it. In the meantime, anybody have a suggestion for what I should paint? No people. I'm shit at people. And horses. Heck, keep it to still-life, landscape, or abstracts, please.

It continues to be dry and hot during the day and dry and reasonable during the night, here. I am beginning to feel a bit cheated. I was prepared for rain! But it hasn't rained since we got here and the forecast says that there won't be a damn cloud in the sky for at least the next week. It is occasionally a bit hazy in the morning, and that's it. I'm perturbed. Where is my warm summer rain? Come on, people. I would like to own and run an umbrella store called Bumbershoot's Moistness Emporium one day, can I not have some freaking precipitation? Maybe I should take a ferry ride tomorrow.

You know you would stop into a store called Bumbershoot's Moistness Emporium, people. Don't even pretend like you wouldn't. We would also sell galoshes.


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Jul. 27th, 2009 07:46 am (UTC)
The reports of Seattle's heavy precipitation are greatly exaggerated.

I'd be disappointed in this Emporium if I found it only sold things to repel moistness, and not moistness itself. And I'm not talking about things that you could use to make yourself moist. I want to buy the quality of moistness. I would also be very discerning in my evaluation of any products you market as "moistness". I would not settle for anything that could verge on "damp", "soaked", or "wet".
Jul. 27th, 2009 08:14 am (UTC)
...Well, Oregon's pretty close, right? XD

Ooh, watercolors. :3 I've used them only a few times; my main medium is apparently graphite pencils on plain sketchbook paper. >_>;; Ehehe. Still, stuff for you to paint? Hmm... Any chance of you finding a sleeping cat? (Cats are pretty reliable when it comes to not moving for periods of time. At least my cats are. *shrug*) ...That's all I have right now. XD;; But yes, finding landscapes or still-life setups around you that peak your interest would be excellent. Maybe a musical instrument, if you can find one? There are some pretty cool ones out there!

I totally fail at leaving meaningful and helpful comments. DUH HURRR. XD
Jul. 27th, 2009 08:28 am (UTC)
i would most certainly pay patronage to Bumbershoot's Moistness Emporium.

being socially acceptable is for people without
Jul. 27th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Come October, you will be hating the dreary days.

What ferry are you thinking of catching? I'll probably be on the 10:25 from Bainbridge, 5:30 back. However, you don't want to catch the 5:30; it's amazingly crowded.

What's your address, anyway? I can help bring stuff to you. Want a piano? :-)
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