Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

on phones

balls. T-Mobile has me locked into a 24 month contract, meaning that if I cancel my account now they'll charge me $200 extra for the cancellation fee. Luckily, the 24 months are up in September, so that's not too bad.

See, the other month, maybe it was late april to june? anyway, I had my phone off for THREE WEEKS and I didn't even notice. When I finally charged it back up and turned it on, I had a message... from my dad, who had emailed me his question about two minutes after he'd left the message, and we had resolved whatever it was two weeks ago already. So why the hell am I paying forty bucks a month for something I don't use, need, or even particularly want?

We also, in the new apartment, will have a landline phone with unlimited long distance. So I figure, I'll give my grandmas the landline number, and make outgoing calls to my parental units on it, and get myself one of those no contract phones at bestbuy or somesuch.

What I *really* want, of course, is an iPhone without the phone part. I really want 3G so I can have a gps wherever I go and google maps and recipes for grocery shopping and wikipedia for pressing trivia concerns and all the little dongles and diddlies. But I'll never use the *phone* part of it! I could get an ipod touch except that that doesnt have 3g, it has just wifi, laaame. Seattle isn't *nearly* as wired as Cambridge and Boston (this being one of the very few likeable things about the cities) so I won't be able to steal tubes from people on the street. But I really REALLY don't want to DOUBLE my phone costs just so I can google stuff, you know? Also I very much vowed to NEVER do business with AT&T again.

Basically, I hate phones. Hooray. And if anybody knows how no-contract phones work, and has recommendations, because I have NEVER used them and have no idea how buying minutes works and blah blah, please leave me a comment and educate me!

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