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Great Scott! I left for what, 60 hours or something? And I've been home and online for a fucking hour already and I JUST finished clicking open all the posts I want to read on my flist. I haven't even begun to read them, or their five zillion comments.

Internet: stop being so effing busy. I won't be able to keep up with you when I'm away for a whole week or what have you! X(

Maine was interesting. Sadly, when I got there, I discovered that I didn't have a memory card in my camera, or you would all get about six zillion photos of the AWESOME SNAKES that live under the granite steps to my parents' neato farmhouse. My mom is totally phobic of them, so when I was a bitchy 11 year old I decided I would have a pet snake as soon as I moved out of the house. This has proven to be untrue, but I still think they are hecka interesting. And pretty, omg.

The whole day and a half or so that I was there was like some kind of boyscout naturewalk. Two flavors of snake, a bunch of crazy bugs, a tiny adorable red salamander gecko maybe sort of thing, all kinds of wildflowers that I'm not sure what they are, wild blueberries growing in the field, grapes and raspberries and old dilapidated fruit trees, a myriad of birds and bird calls and chipmunks and funky bug eggs and miniature donkeys and horses and cows... There's a whole lot of flora and fauna, is what I am saying.