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What's your favorite color gummy bear?

What is the sexiest part of the opposite sex's body?
Hands. If you have clammy hands you are Right Out; if it turns out that Hugh Jackman has clammy hands I wouldn't hit it. .....Well.... no. no. I wouldn't. No Clammy Hands. But warm dry hands with slender fingers and this... guys sometimes have this knuckle at the base of their fingers? ... anyway. Hands.

Have you ever made up/sang a song for someone you cared about?
Alas, no.

Ever had a song sang about/for you?
YES and it was the most horrible song ever and nobody needs to think of it ever again.

Is there a baby in the room with you right now?

Do you know how to dance?
Hells to the no. I suck alarming amounts at dancing. You know in Seinfeld, how Elaine dances? I harbor a suspicion that I dance worse than she does.

Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or other?
In my room! Normally while playing mindless video games, but also when attempting shit like putting away my zillions of clothes. It takes particular sorts of songs, though.

What is your favorite thing that is green?
lololol Harry Potter's eyes lololol
No rilly I guess rosemary bushes.

What did your last text message say?
Something like "stop fucking txting me, call me back you whore" I HATE TEXTS AUUGH

Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?
On boys? boxer briefs. Well, briefs for the novelty option. But boxer briefs for the "nice ass" option.

What is your middle name?

What is the way to your heart?
Put up with my shit, like the same foods, take care of me, let me take care of you, and you must love both cats and dogs, no exceptions.

What do you smell like?
This weird lip balm I bought at last year's rennaisance faire (hells yeah I go to those things, in COSTUME) supposedly it smells like "Lunar Goddess"? I dunno, it is kinda sweet and honey suckle flavored with some orange crap mixed in.

What's in your pocket?
Not only do I have no pockets on, I have no PANTS on. Take that!

Anything in your mouth?

Ever hurt yourself playing Wii?
Jesus yes. The first time I whacked the hell out of my knee standing up really quickly when I was flailing around playing Wii baseball. Then there was a series of repetitive stress injuries. And I spilled hot liquids on myself while drinking tea and playing mariokart, don't even ASK what I was thinking at the time....

Do you have freckles?
I wish. Instead I am paley mcpalerson with a bunch of weird honking super dark moles sprinkled all over. Sometimes I find them in very strange places....

How many languages can you say "Hello" in?
Um, like, 6 as far as I can figure...

What's the last movie you saw in the theater?
Star Trek bitches! w_\O/ (that is Spock giving you the live long and prosper sign, note his pointy ears)

Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on?
Luckily, no, because if that had happened I would have been charged for manslaughter and I would likely be in prison. Or Juvie. whatevs.

Are you wearing any clothes that you wore yesterday?
What is yesterday? For me, it is already tomorrow, and I generally wear my tshirt from the day before and my underpants to bed, which is where I currently am...

Name a song that you know all the words to:
hahahaha, Sir Mixalot: Baby Got Back and also... Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive

Are you in love with someone right now?
Of course I am, who do you think you are talking to right now, a sane lady? Come now.

What's the last thing you watched on TV?
Some Dave Chappelle standup on comedy central while I was having a cup of tea.

What's the last video game you played?
Free Realms! I helped an interspecies romance between a human and a pixie get off the ground, aaawww.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?
My dad is David (not Dave) and he is a lawyer for the government in DC who hates people and prefers quiet time outdoors and the company of my mother and occasionally he writes and plays music.

Can you do the alphabet in sign language?
No, and in elementary school when this was The Coolest Thing Ever I always tried to learn and I could never remember past d. :((((

Do you have an uncle named Joe?
Nope, but I *do* have an uncle tom. He does not live in a cabin.

What word do you use when people pass gas?

Do you wear glasses?
Yes. I am blind without them.

What can you hear right now?
My cat is sitting next to me, purring quite loudly, which is her default state.

Did you feel better or worse or the same yesterday?
Today I feel worse, I can't get to fucking sleep, god dammit. So I guess yesterday was better, even though it also kinda sucked.

Ever been overseas?

What are your plans for today?
manage sleep, then severe clothes sorting, an attempt at figuring out some icarly ideas I have had, figuring out if I can make this necklace I have in my head at a reasonable price, the usual dicking around, cooking an overly elaborate dinner that ian won't eat much of and won't appreciate, attempting some physical art, actual productive things, blah blah blah blah blah nobody gives a shit.

How long have you had Livejournal? note: I changed this from Myspace to LJ, what the fuck is myspace doing getting in my LJ, gtfo.
Since 2001! *gang sign*

What was your favorite childhood show?
I had SO MANY. But I do remember being extremely taken with Today's Special, the main character of which still sometimes shows up in my dreams in this wacky pink jumpsuit thing she once wore....

Are you close to your siblings?
Yes, even though he is half a planet away, I would say so.

What was your first job?
Michael's sales associate blaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Do you bite your nails?
No, I tear them off instead, relentlessly.

Do you like your feet?
Actually yeah.

Do you sleep well at night?
If I can manage to *get* to sleep, I normally sleep okay, except that I have some extremely disturbing nightmares fairly often that are so routine to me by now that it is like "oh hay last night david bowie turned into a giant world eating leviathan who then raped me to death after eating every other being on the planet and I was hiding in a hedge of thorn bushes and he called to me in the voice of my dead grandfather so i came out, did you sleep well?" ....for example.

What song do you have in your head right now?
This weird downtempo/electro song the name of which I have no clue and the lyrics of which I have no clue because it is french and it keeps playing on the cheesy pop/dance french radio station I've been listening to.

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