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Some of you may know that my mom reads my livejournal. I made an account for her specifically so she could read my locked entries. Yes, I do not lie to my mom. Amazing, I know.

she often leaves me comments on entries that are kind of old, but she caught the tail end of my star trek pick five captain's query post, with the following comment:

hpinansky wrote:
May. 12th, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
Ok so I'm bored at work and have very little to do and so I checked your live journal. I find this all very amusing. We saw the movie on Saturday. It was very good but you know I hate all those time conundrum story lines. They make my head hurt. But I will accept the new time line if I have to.

I know I shouldn't but here goes:
Cocoa - Jean Luc
Marry - W. S. - he's rich you know. I could ride horses at his ranch
Sex - Archer (Why are you mad at him? I thought you liked him.)
Cliff - Pine - just because
Punch - Janeway - I'd be sorry cause she'd punch back and hurt me, but that's true of all of them.

Mom is so awesome, you guys. You dont even understand how awesome she is.