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Aaah, Ravel. Mend those little thin spots in my soul, why dont you.

Anyway, things are blah as usual. Today I am quite hungry but I am waiting to eat because Ian and I are going on a grand grocery store expedition, and that NORMALLY means tampopo beforehand, or something else delicious. We need so many things! Toilet paper being the foremost thing. What did people do before toilet paper? Like, I know about the Sears catalogue and whatnot, but seriously, that must have sucked enormously, for all parties. Thus, the bidet.

Why am I talking about this? Ew.

Twitter. Fine, I twitter. But I HATE having my page full of inconsequential crap, so I follow almost nobody. Is that cool? Am I doing some kind of great injustice every time I dont follow somebody back?

I just linked Dan Schneider to Neil Gaimans journal and website, because Dan needs to get to work on his portal site, and Neils was the first one that came to mind. But what other sites are out there, that are for one person who has a substantial fanbase for his or her work? One that combines all the various stuff into one, you know, twitter, blog that enables commenting, interactive FAQ thingy, youtube channel, and so on? I really dont pay attention to famous people, like, at all, other than a very small handful of authors, so I dont have a good comparison. And I feel kinda bad if Dans people contact Neil, cuz his dad just died and he is all in mourning! So while I am certain his web elf can do the job, I dont want to accidentally cause Neil undo stress, you know? Oh, and yes, I saw him on the Colbert Report, it was epic, as usual, but I could totally tell Neil was kind of numb about it all.

I got a box from amazon today! Those bastards, they GET you on the free super saver shipping thing. I wanted this book, The Fruit Hunters and they were like, spend nine more bucks and you get free shipping! So, argh, the only thing I could find was a set of funnels, because I need funnels for proper storage of iced tea, because I am a terrible spiller of liquids, and they were only like four bucks! So I had to go buy ANOTHER book, Castle in the Air which is another one by the woman who wrote Howls Moving Castle, sort of related but not totally. So in the end I totally ended up spending way more than if I had just paid for shipping. *shakes fist at amazon*

Incidentally, the mailman rang my doorbell this morning to leave the package, and I came down when he was still sorting letters and such, and I remembered to tell him to have a nice day. Do people do this? He seemed sort of confused, like he didnt know what to do in response. I am always the person to say thank you and have a nice night and all that to waitresses and hosts and service people in general. Why dont other people in the group do this? Is it because they know I will say it, or are other people just unthinkingly rude? Do I just have a hangup about this? They are actual, live people serving us, and it does well to acknowledge their metaphysical existence with a short phrase, and not just a nice tip, you know?

I am thinking about no longer locking my journal. I am also thinking about killing off madebymizu, my fandom journal. For one thing, it totally should have been a community. For another, I hate updating it, and I HATE that it is a basic account. And all of my friends, who I was concerned would never let me hear the damn end of it if I posted fanfic and suchlike on here, have either moved on entirely to twitter, or I almost never talk to them anymore. But all of this is just *work*... blargh! I like having my virtual things all organized, but I am so lazy about it. Just today I finally organized my pictures subfolders again, and now it is all pleasantly filed, but I have about seventy subfolders, all put together, not including my iphoto chasms or my old stuff from previous computers. One day, I need to set aside something like twelve hours, and hash something really useful out for all of these images. The other day I decided to go back and tag all my LJ entries that didnt have tags yet, and I stopped literally three entries in. LAZY.

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