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With Regards To: The profile page makeover wank~

1. we've known and heard about the profile page being in beta for months and months. I took one look at it and proclaimed it offensively hideous, and opted out of the beta. None of this "but I didnt KNOW about it" bullshit is henceforth allowed. They were talking about it in the news comm for ever and ever, and in the paid members comm too.

2. Now that it is implemented across the board it IS in fact more functional than the old profile pages. It may be hideous, but it has more links to more useful things, and DOES provide more options viewing wise. I'm sorry but colorbars and quiz results are totally not the end all be all of profile creation.

3. I agree that it is totally jank that you have to scroll past all the irrelevant statistical bullshit to get to the interests and bio stuff that makes a profile useful as, you know, a *profile*, but goddamn, it's SCROLLING. You either have a wheely bit on your mouse, or you have to click and hold a button while moving your mouse, or, sin of sins, you use a trackpad and have gesture nav enabled wherein you have to put two fingers at once on your trackpad and move them downward. OH GOD SO HARD. Really, wtf.

4. All this wankery has done is make me revise my profile page a bit. Soon I will revamp my interest list, too. Everyone should take the opportunity! Come on you guys, colorbars are okay in moderation, hell, so are animated kitten gifs, but you could be so much more informative and funny and generally contribute to the self obsessed myth making that is eljay in a positive way.

Right, I'm out, y'all.


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Nov. 8th, 2008 10:07 am (UTC)
I understood 0% of that.
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