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everybody meet my new boyfriend/desktop. regan and I went to cirque du soleil's Kooza a bit ago and I kind of ended up in freakish bendy clown lust with the Trickster. hey remember how I was *afraid* of clowns and people in costumes and puppets and face obscuring makeup? And now I am fascinated by theater makeup, the crazier the better, and costumes with elaborate/impossible designs, and mechanical marionettes? Yeah, I'm wondering when my switch flipped, too.
Anyway, you kind of had to be there. Stage presence does not even begin to describe it. Ree bought a program guide and after extensive prodding she scanned the Trickster's page. I kind of went crazy, but honestly it totally goes with the show it came from, I swears. Also, it looks like everything else I've ever made. Sweet.

He's a giant minty fresh squeeze of toothpaste! :D :D :D


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Oct. 25th, 2008 02:52 pm (UTC)
You know he's tricky cause he's made of soft-serv!
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