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Happy Rosh Hashanah everybody. Amusingly, today I had gefilte fish for a snack. I didn't even realize that it was appropriate! I guess it would be more appropriate if I ate some apples and honey. I um, had two apple poptart like things? Close enough!

So HAY GUYZ, if I sinned against you this past year or like, made you all sad and whatnot, I ask that you forgive me, so that my patriarchal sky god construct will not write me in the book of death and condemn me to death by stoning as would be fitting for a whore like myself. Oh, Judaism, I only turn my back on you because you are filled with so much hate, that's all!

Um, what was I saying? Oh yes, sorry if I was a bitch to you this year, you know how I am. Mainly, a bitch.

Hey! New Year's Resolution: I resolve to....... read more books. Books aren't fanfiction, and I don't think I've *finished* a book in like, six months. I get distracted by shiny things, like tv shows and crap on the internet. This cannot stand. My brain is atrophying! Yes.

I have no judaism related icons, so Worf will have to suffice. He was raised by jewish russians, you know! Discussion of Worf's family seder came up at dinner the other night. "Mother, I will not go find the matzoh. I know it's between the couch cushions. No! It is not befitting a warrior to find the matzoh, not even one as small as Alexander." *fume fume fume* *goes to find the matzoh*