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I have been negligent of my eljay comments. Re: the birthday post~

What was the most interesting/weirdest dream you ever recall having?

I have really vivid, extremely memorable dreams all the time, at least four times a week, if not more. My life is not nearly as interesting or as terrifying as my dreams. So this is very hard to judge. One time though, I definitely fell asleep in my basement during a sleepover when we had been playing some final fantasy or another, and watching Utena, and I dreamt that I am my friends were in a train that was on a roller coaster and the train was possessed! by evil clown tings! it was an evil clown roller coaster train! And we had to fight through each car all the way up to the engine where we exploded it omg! The one was pretty cool, I think I had a buster sword, too.

What is your favorite anime?

There are so many. The test of time has left me with a few enduring favorites. I would say Sailor Moon, but my favorite version of Sailor Moon is the live action version [seriously guys it is THE BEST]. Kimigura Orange Road is my "I'm old school hardcore" favorite. My current and likely to be most long term favorite anime of all time ever is Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann. In terms of all japanese animation however, I'm going to go with Howl's Moving Castle, I mean you really can't go wrong there. Oh, and princess tutu, which I will always love forever. And there are a lot more that are a lot less girly! And more girly, like ouran host club! I just like anime, okay? Jeez~

rae sez: ewww... coke zero? really?
tristyn sez: Bite your tongue, ma'am! Coke Zero is the official beverage of our ex-apartment.

I sez: really? REALLY? Have you tasted the stuff? And also, why are YOU drinking things that have no calories, when you need all the calories you can get? And also, eeeeew, Seth left like three quarters of a bottle of that stuff in my fridge and the second he left I dumped it down the drain. And then the drain disintegrated. And so did our plumbing. And all the flowers and yard space the pipes ran under in our whole neighborhood withered and died. The End.


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Aug. 22nd, 2008 03:48 pm (UTC)
I'll have to try Coke Zero next time my plumbing gets backed up. Though I'll be sure to dilute it first.
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