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purple shoes.

omigawd, shoes.

purple shoes, people. purple shoes.
here are twelve purple shoes that I want. Because I have been blessed and cursed with magically prescient shoe tastes, everyone should take note, because in a year's time these suckers are going to be the trendiest buggers in town. right now, I have no job and dwindling money, so I cannot justify the purchase of any of these. purple is a hard color to covet. it is often misused in fashion, and despite it being my very favorite color of all time [okay, honestly, it's plum, but everyone knows that's a purple] right now I only own two pieces of purple clothing excluding undergarments. But mark my words! This fall, purple is going to be IN. I don't know exactly how, and I don't know exactly when it's going to hit, or if it will be for men or women or household products, but it's going to be purple.
My unfortunate discovery of those purple boots has broken my oft tested reserve for lusting after shoes online. I haven't gone virtual shoe shopping in quite some time, sating myself on household goods I know I can never afford for my new house, like a badass double sized hammock. But today, I broke down and scoured the usual suspects for a specific thing: purple shoes that I would honest to god wear on a regular basis. This means, no high heels, no pointy toes, and they would make me happy when I wore them.

Because nothing is any good without pictures, I will go all fashion blogger stylees on you and make an actual post with clickable pictures.

These are the boots that started the frenzy. At a hundred and thirty dollars, they are on the upper cusp of my viable price range. But look! They are flat, rubber soled boots, with super cute two toned analagous detailing. The buttons are sparkly! They are currently residing in my cart on Endless, and I am giving myself until the first frost in Cambridge before breaking down and buying them. If I ever see these suckers in person I will likely become weak in the knees.

Technically, these aren't very purple, but they would *go* with purple things. They are also plaid, which I love. If you hate on plaid, that is because you associate it with nineties grunge flannel and lumberjacks. plaid, as far as I am concerned, is mostly a way to get away with using more than six colors at once. These suckers are reasonably cheap at thirty seven dollahdollah, with funky straps and burnished brass tone bits. They may seem a bit ugly but imagine them with an otherwise simple outfit of a plain tshirt and jeans and think about how much more well dressed you would feel in these shoes with no other changes. Maybe it's just me. We'll see what the hag mags have to say later this month.

Obviously cribbing from Jeffrey of project runway fame, these shoes have zippers out the wazoo. Not Rated is the sort of shoe brand that churns out trendy detailed shoes with dubious construction and dubious source materials and labor, so I'm not about to pay the over fifty bucks price tag, but considering that the zipper as embellishment concept has had time to gestate for a few years now, I'm going to posit that there will be widespread acceptance of the concept quite soon. I enjoy the lining fabric, the simple shape of the shoe, the richer colored band of plum around the top, and the fairly ballsy color. I mean, that is *purple*.

These are the expensive ones, folks. They *used* to be four hundred dollars, and now are *only* two hundred and sixty. Taryn Rose is a fancy shmancy brand of amazing, comfortable, beautiful Italian shoes and I love everything they make. all of their shoes are lovely and restrained but with juicy colors and rich golds and blah blah blah. I've had these on my wishlist for ages. Velvet peeptoe wedges means I can 1. wear velvet in warm weather and 2. look like I'm dressed up when I have the stability of a rubber wedge sole. The color is dark enough to match with non purple things, and the elegant shape of the toe isn't going to make my tiny feet look all stubby like the trendy square peeptoes of this spring. Yes, guys, I think about these things.

Another one I've had on my wishlist for a while, these are the pricey one hundred and fifty dollar wine patent slingbacks. They are being marketed as super comfortable. If it's true, sweet. If not, they are slingbacks, the shoes designed to be taken off at a whim. I love the pattern of the cutouts and the details of the stitching. It seems like a laid back, girly shoe that would go easily from walking to the store to feeling comfortable on a night out. The color is one that goes well with my pale mcpalersons skin, and the sole is a warm brown color instead of the usual clashing black.

At nearly a hundred bucks with a reasonable heel, these reside purely in the fantasy land where I have a trendy job where I sit my shoes are seen and not used all day. Still, I love them. Buttons, nearly humorous round toebed, subtle but strong contrast piping, curved heel. I enjoy these so much that I am trying to invent reasons I might have to wear them. They are playful without being my usual "slap you in the face with my silliness" clothing choices. Humorous class, is maybe what I'd call it. Either way I love the color, and they come in a sexy red, too. If these get discounted enough, they're going in my closet to replace the ten year old chunky purple heels that lost all wearability to an art project two years ago.

Sparkly! Texture! Suede! Do I honestly need to talk about these more? They are Steve Madden, who you will see seems to be the guru of purple shoes. Sadly the sole is totally flat, so unless I have a dance party to go to sometime soon, I'll be skipping out on these.

These aren't really purple. They have wine suede accents, with copper leather, a last season color combo I covet yearly. It's the gentle botanical nature of this shoe that I really enjoy. It's a bit expensive, but they seem to be the type of shoe that will last for some time and serve me well in spring through fall. The clincher for my love of these shoes is the pattern on the rubber sole. Click on the picture and look at the gorgeous fernlike impression. I'd smile every time I saw a footprint. These shoes fulfill the three purposes shoes should ALWAYS fulfill: They help you walk comfortably on outdoor surfaces, they will look nicer than planks of wood strapped to your feet, and they will make you [me] happy.

The Madden Twins. This is the Serious twin, she's got a smexy stacked wedge, and lovely stitched details. I think it's a bit reminiscent of a tuxedo shirt and the crisscross gives it rhythm. The subtlety of the texture here is in contrast to the next shoe. This is also the less expensive pair.

Five bucks more at seventy five buckaroos is the Girly twin of these purple steve madden shoes, with, as far as I can tell, exactly the same shape, heel, and color. This one, however, wins for me, because it's got ruffles, a button, and scalloped trim around the edge. I would not be against the company designing a lot of variations on this same shoe. I also really like the brown color this one comes it, as it would go with my "going to a job interview" outfit very nicely.

Velvet! more three hundred dollar velvet shoes. This time with a contrast green floppy bow. I know that these are silly, but dagnabbit, if you can't have silly shoes, what CAN you wear that's silly? They also come in the amazing halloween color combo of brown and orange. I have autumnal fantasies of scarf festooned park picnics with velvet floppy bowed shoes and matching purple tights with pumpkin soup and eggplant curries. These shoes are also the sort of retro shape and style that would look equally good on a ninety year old lady who likes to wear big cashmere shawls and a nineteen year old pudgy girl who digs short circle skirts and suspenders. Heirloom shoes, y/y?

Skechers! My old favorite brand. Their sneakers have sort of transmuted into these chunky, textured *things* that last year I hated and this year I'm honestly digging. Also with honesty I must say I like the navy and green color combo almost more than the purple and yellow option. It's got polka dots and a triple hued sole, and the texture extends even as far as the tongue of the shoe. At forty five bucks I would totally get these if I were going to highschool this fall. I would be the coolest girl in school. [Oh, if only I knew then what I know now: be a drama crew girl! Tell those fuckers to go to hell! Kiss the boy! etc etc] My only issues with this shoe is the california bullshit all over it. I'd totes cover that heart with some canvas, decoupage medium, and sharpie on a doodle of my choice. To continue the highschool frivolity, I could put a picture of me on one side and a picture of my crush on the other. Don't even be like you hate the idea, everyone deep down inside has a Romilda Vane clawing her way out.




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Aug. 14th, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
There are definitely days that I wish I didn't live in Alaska. Shoes like these make me wish that. *sigh* Purple is also my favorite color, so these do not help me one bit.
Aug. 14th, 2008 11:28 pm (UTC)
Me and livejournal are having issues today. It keeps logging me out without me noticing. :p

If I had tons of money to waste on expensive toddler shoes, I would totally buy some of these for my daughter. They are AWESOME.
Aug. 15th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
zomg do not even get me started on toddler shoes. they are the cutest things ever, and i feel that they embody the true spirit of what shoes should be. They are, most often, ornate wearable pieces of art. They are always made to be *used* within an inch of their lives because, hey, toddlers, and on the same toddler area they exist to help small people learn the extremely important skill of walking. And they are cute! and fun! and colorful! I wish all shoes were like toddler shoes.
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