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Hi! I never use my LJ for posting anymore. I use it as an account to comment on things in other places. Feel free to friend me, but it's not going to be much use!

My primary internet location is tumblr. Follow me at Mizu's Miscellany.

You can find all my methods of contact and more at my About Me on tumblr.

I love to make new internet friends! Maybe I'll see you around?
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Just Breathe

Hello! This LJ is semi-Flocked.

That means that once in a while I make friends-locked posts, but most of the time I don't. Feel free to friend me, and if your journal is to my liking, I might friend you back. The chances of my friending you back are greatly increased by you leaving a comment on this post, letting me know who you are and why you've friended me. I post rarely and haven't paid much attention to non-community posts on my flist for a while, now, so don't be offended if I've quickly unfriended you - that's just me keeping things tidy.

Follow me on tumblr @mizufae

Almost everything I do or am interested in, I post or talk about on my tumblr. Please follow me to see what I'm being nerdy about these days. If you're interested in my fanfic, there's a link in my sidebar to my AO3 and ff.net profiles. Feel free to contact me through any way you find easiest - almost everything goes straight into my primary email account and I'll see it right away.

In short, GO OVER HERE.
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Oh Dreamwidth, you are a strange beast. I'm sure I'll get used to you... never. But if you get community importation up and running, then perhaps fandom can finally free itself from LJ once and for all? I know that people are going to IJ and DW and it's being kinda hinky all around, but really, fandom is a hobby like any other and I'm willing to drop a little cashmoney on it.

The thing is that I use LJ's Scrapbook for almost all of my image hosting needs. I need a replacement and I'm willing to pay money for it but nothing seems to actually have the functionality of scrapbook whatsoever. I'm at the point where I am seriously considering hosting my own server at home all the time. But for that I would then need to find custom gallery software????? I don't even freaking know, man.

I just want scrapbook, with maybe some updated, cleaner code, and not hosted on LJ. I will pay money for this. I need a place I can have ~5000 image files hosted. I need image galleries I can link to people that can be edited for ordering of images and hopefully a tagging system. I need a way to view fullsized images. I need hotlinking to be okay. And I need a way to leave some textual info alongside the images, like a description on the individual pictures in gallery view or a description of the gallery/folder itself.

I do not want a bunch of flash bullshit or drag&drop upload whatever or image editing software or auto resizing or anything like that. I want to give my money to someone for this. But who??? Where???

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me on dreamwidth:


I’m totally unpredictable amirite?

Anyway DW isn't requiring invite codes to make an account at the moment so y'all should take advantage of that and go at least make a little placeholder account for yourself. (DW accounts come in handy even if you're not a primary user of the site.) And also friend me or whatever they call it over there, if you like. I will probably almost never post except in communities, but if you're over there I'd like to know where, y'know?
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psmithery look! antipodean christmas fic!

I am writing really random things that have nothing to do with anything.
I am FLIPPING OUT because of some ~mysterious~ stuff that I had to sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT ON but I can assure you that it has no relevance to any one of you or any of my other friends or anybody in my family and is, in fact, a completely boring dull grownup life sort of thing.

I have SECRETLY painted my nails like the collar of Sailor Moon's fuku to give me POWER. When I look at my left thumbnail in its cobalt blue with its stripes I can think to myself "she died a million times and gave everything her all and saved the universe time and time again, you at least can deal with human beings for a solid amount of time in one day."

I need some Command Gold nail polish so I can properly Kirk It Up though, too bad I look awful in yellow.

Life has been really really weird. I don't remember the last time I properly saw the sun. I need to get my ducks in a row. This has been a vague and pointless LJ post.
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i think....

but i dare not actually start having fun on the internet again, lest i jinx myself.

....does anybody actually say lest? just me? okay then.
merlin PREACH

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i have now seen merlin 04x04.
my god almighty.
the complete lack of subtext was just...
it was like they filmed a fanfic, from start to finish. up to and including the convenient lack of gwen.
i mean... i mean...
IT WAS DELIGHTFUL THOUGH. SUPER SUPER DELIGHTFUL. if they make a cartoon of the hooray adventures of arthur and merlin, voiced by bradley james and colin morgan, narrated by john hurt, then I hope every episode is like this one was. SHENANIGANS, YOU ARE WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW. THANK YOU FOR BEING IN THIS EPISODE.
so. many. shenanigans!

but there should have been some gwen. "No Arthur, you're king now. You can't go galloping off like this! Leave it to Leon, he's amazing, you trust him, don't you? You have to bring reassurance to the people now, not hunt down thieves." *arthur makes broody face* "Guinevere, I have to go. If I cannot find a simple thief, how am I to show my people I am capable of ruling? Oh! I am so tortured! I miss my daddy!" *gwen makes her boobs look really good, brings one hand up to softly touch arthur on the jaw* "I understand, but please. Be careful, not just for me, but for the kingdom."