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From Twitter 10-14-2009

  • 02:42:06: ballsymcpoopheads i've been being a morning person *so well* lately but today i'm up at 3am still! blastanddamn fuckityfuck
  • 11:16:01: @DanWarp pft, Build-a-Bra is a viable business model if I've ever seen one. I'm a 34DDDD (yeah, 4 D's) these days. ONE store sells them.
  • 18:31:11: i feel like craaaaap
  • 19:39:33: smexy pixelated gmail theme = smile times. I love that my contact list has space invader icons.
  • 19:40:47: @diplobrat yeah, I totally intended to movie it up w/ you tonight but then CRAMPS HAPPENED and I want to remove my ladybits outright.
  • 22:38:17: @uni0000 the SAT is easier than the PSAT. Or it was 10 years ago when I took it. It's all diff. now, not being 1600 total. makes no sense!

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