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Got my match for the ONTD_startrek secret santa thing today. I haven't had ONTDST on my friendslist for a month at LEAST. I still love the hell out of trek, DUH, but the whole "OMG HAY LET'S TALK ABOUT LA QUINTO IN ALL CAPS" yeah... that phase is def. ovah. :P

So, whoever got me as a match, lol mclols.

The person I get to make a present for was annoyingly nonspecific. They were all "whatever you get me will be amazing and I will love it" so that means I have NOTHING TO GO ON. yaargh. If I remember correctly I wrote like, an effing novel for mine. :P

In other news I haven't written a LJ entry in AGES AND AGES.

I pretty much decided to stop talking about real life online so much? One, it's epically boring and nothing good happens in it, and two, people so don't need to know. If I were to start chronicling my life again it would become some kind of compendium of my bodily functions, and NOBODY (except the russian porn bots) wants to see that.

I'm 25 now and I guess I'm past the stage where I want to slap my life all over everything. I no longer entertain my 14 year old self's fantasies that anybody could possibly become a fan of my real life, enough to read a stupid blog about it. Maybe if I suddenly become famous and interesting, sure. But right now, in all of my nocturnal, unemployed, depressed, house-bound, litter-box-cleaning glory? I don't think so.

This must be why the internet is full of so much crazy. Unless you actually *are* interesting, or you still entertain adolescent fantasies of grandeur, you don't actually speak up about yourself. The end result is that only the outstandingly insane, outstandingly narcissistic, or the plain old outstanding get a voice.

PS: I'm thinking it may be time to make/find/change my default LJ icon. I've been the eye amethyst brooch for SO LONG, though, I can't even begin thinking about what could ever replace it.


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Oct. 9th, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC)
...what does your icon MEAN anyhoos? I never asked you that.

Oh.. and look at my old icon skills. i sucked! hahaha
Oct. 9th, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
It specifically doesn't mean very much at all. It's just an image of an antique brooch I found online years and years ago. It's just supposed to neutrally represent me. Purple is my favorite color and I love shiny things, so the amethysts are good, and I have brown eyes, so the brown eye is good. I think technically it is a hand painted victorian miniature which fits my obsessive detail thing, and it's a brooch so it's got a sharp point on the back which is appropriate. Also, it's like I'm watching yoooou~~ *spooky fingers*
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