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From Twitter 09-30-2009

  • 09:42:27: @twiggymcbones don't even try. you don't have the money, I don't *enjoy* throwing up, and the night would end in tears.
  • 11:41:36: GREAT SCOTT someone made Final Fantasy have sex with Bejeweled and had the baby blessed by the Popcap Fairies. Gyromancer: sign me up.
  • 15:18:18: Seriously, that Kress boy has GOT to stop talking about his budding interest in photography. It's freaking. me. out.
  • 22:14:56: @lazycheskie @aergonaut stop it you guys! I reread it last week, it's AWFUL. I'm like, so ashamed of it. If he's read it I'll cry.
  • 22:15:24: also, Glee = SO HEARTWARMING aaawwww

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